About the ViEWS “Proof-of-Concept” project

We are pleased to announce that Professor Håvard Hegre with the political Violence Early-Warning System (ViEWS) was one of the 2022 recipients of the prestigious  European Research Council “Proof of Concept” (ERC-PoC) grant, which allows ERC-funded research groups to explore the societal potential of their work over the course of an 18-month period.

The grant will be used to explore how we might tailor the output from our conflict prediction system to better meet the needs of different organisations across the international community. In close collaboration with a key user group of representatives from NGOs, IGOs, and government ministries, we will put together a demonstration package of case studies, special reports, and/or tailor-made services that showcase how the ViEWS system can be used, as well as develop a set of tailor-made services and communication tools that facilitate access to the ViEWS data in the different formats.
If you or your team would like to be part of our key user group and help shape the outcomes of this project with us, please reach out to us via views@pcr.uu.se to learn more. 
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The project commenced with an introductory practitioners workshop in October 2022 in attendance by more than 30 representatives from different organisations working across the triple nexus of humanitarian aid, peace-building, and development. We will now collate the input from the workshop, draft an action plan, and begin to implement the excellent suggestions we have received. Outputs from the project will be published below as they are completed.