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On January 18 Director Håvard Hegre presented at the World Bank Africa climate thought seminar series. The topic of the seminar was Climate, Conflict and Migration: Can We Use Data […]
The Expert Group for Aid Studies have published a Development Dissertation Brief (DDB) on the role of water resources for cooperation and conflict among non-state actors by Societies at Risk […]
Title: The Results of a Prediction Competition Suggest the Fog of War Can Be Partially Lifted Authors: Paola Vesco, Michael Colaresi, Håvard Hegre Date: 30 December 2022 Publisher: PRIO Blogs […]
Title: The ‘conflict trap’ reduces economic growth in the shared socioeconomic pathways Authors: Petrova, Kristina; Gudlaug Olafsdottir; Håvard Hegre & Elisabeth Gilmore Date: 2023 Publisher: Environmental Research Letters Abstract: ​Armed […]