On 6-7 December VIEWS director Håvard Hegre and Prof. Nils Lid Hjort, will host an invitation-only workshop for the Stability and Change project on “Prediction with Uncertainty” at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). The workshop is funded by the Centre for Advance Study through the stability and Change project.

This workshop will include various presentations on prediction with a focus on the uncertainty of such predictions; here, uncertainty is broadly defined to include measurement uncertainty, missing data, and statistical uncertainty. This workshop will also focus on how well prediction models account for these uncertainties.

The workshop will be attended by leading statisticians and social scientist. In addition, many VIEWS members and affiliates will be in attendance including: Chandler Wiliams, David Randahl, Jim Dale, Malika Rakhmankulova, Mihai Croicu, Natalie Strom, Paola Vesco, Simon P. von der Maase, Sofia Nordenving, and Thorsten Rogall.

We look forward to updating you on the workshop in the coming week.