On September 15, 2023, Stefan Döring had the opportunity to join Uppsala University’s ‘Researching Peace’ podcast, where he provided valuable insights into his work at the intersection of water and conflict.

During the episode, Stefan talks about how he became interested in this topic and clarifies the concept of ‘conflict’ as conflicts of interest or allocation related to water resources. He contrasts this interpretation with the broader, often more violent connotations the term holds among researchers in different fields.

Some of the other main topics covered in the podcast episode include:

  1. Explaining what is meant by Spatial Dimensions of Communal Violence.
  2. Interdisciplinary Collaboration between social and natural scientists in addressing water-related challenges effectively.
  3. Drought-Induced Cooperation: water scarcity, rather than exacerbating conflicts, can actually stimulate cooperation. This counter-intuitive perspective challenges conventional wisdom and offers hope for innovative approaches to water resource management.

We encourage you to listen to the episode to gain a deeper understanding of these critical issues. You can access the podcast on the ‘Researching Peace’ podcast, available on Spotify below.

For more information on Stefan’s ongoing research project, ‘War and Water’, click here.