On 13 October 2022, more than 30 representatives from a wide range of IGO agencies, NGOs, government ministries, and other organisations working across the triple nexus of humanitarian aid, peace-building and development gathered for the virtual launch of the VIEWS “Proof-of-Concept” practitioners workshop.

The workshop served as the point of the departure for the ERC-funded VIEWS “Proof-of-Concept” project, by which we seek to explore the societal potential of our conflict prediction system in close collaboration with a key user group of representatives from the international community.

We will now collate the input from the workshop and look forward to begin implementing the excellent suggestions we have received. A heart-felt thank you to all participants!

To learn more about the project and stay tuned on the output thereof, please visit the dedicated project page or reach out directly to views@pcr.uu.se if you or your team would like to know more or get involved in the project.