VIEWS has been awarded USD 700 000 from the Complex Risk Analytics Fund (CRAF’d) to study and forecast the impact of armed conflict and climate shocks on humanitarian needs through the new PRIO-based research project VIEWS People in Need (VIEWS-PIN).

Forecasts from the project will be made publicly available for decision-makers and stakeholders through the VIEWS API and our interactive data dashboard, contributing to allocating resources where most needed, and improving the relevance, timeliness, and cost-efficiency of forward-looking policies aimed at minimising human sufferings.

The project will also produce policy reports on the expected trends and patterns of humanitarian need, academic publications shedding light on the drivers of need, analytics and visual tools to enhance the understanding of the results, and new evaluation metrics to comprehensively assess the predictive performance of the forecasting models.

VIEWS-PIN was selected amongst a pool of 60 applying projects from over 30 countries, and will be part of a $4 million CRAF’d investment to help spearhead a data-driven revolution in crisis action. With support from multilateral partners, this investment will go towards a total of six projects that harness advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to address climate fragility risks and strengthen the global risk data ecosystem.

“These projects are seeds that we are planting for a stronger risk data ecosystem. With careful cultivation, they will grow into powerful tools to help us tackle climate risks and improve crisis action for people and the planet”, said Ambassador Thomas Zahneisen, Co-Chair of the CRAF’d Steering Committee and Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany to the United Nations in New York.

VIEWS-PIN will run over the course of two years, starting June 2023. It is led by Senior Researcher Paola Vesco.

Read the CRAF’d press release

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