Staff directory

The VIEWS projects are comprised by an international team of researchers, research assistants, programmers and administrative staff based not only at Uppsala University and PRIO, but at several research institutes across the globe. 


Staff members based at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, and the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). Affiliated with all VIEWS projects and listed in alphabetical order. 

Håvard Hegre

Director, Principal Investigator
  • Uppsala University, PRIO

Mihai Croicu

PhD Candidate, programmer
  • Uppsala University

Jim Dale

  • Uppsala University

Maxine Leis

PhD Candidate
  • Uppsala University

Angelica Lindqvist-McGowan

Operations and Outreach Manager
  • Uppsala University

Liana Lopes

Project Coordinator
  • Uppsala University

Sofia Nordenving

Research Assistant
  • Uppsala University

David Randahl

  • Uppsala University

Malika Rakhmankulova

Research Assistant
  • Uppsala University

Natalie Strom

  • Uppsala University

Paola Vesco

Post-Doctoral Researcher
  • Uppsala University

Chandler Williams

Research Assistant
  • PRIO

THE Societies at risk and anticipate research team

Key staff in the Societies at Risk project at Uppsala University and partner universities, and the ANTICIPATE project at PRIO with partner universities, in alphabetical order.

Prof. Håvard Hegre

  • Uppsala University, PRIO

Prof. Tilman Brück

  • ISDC

Dr. Michael Colaresi

  • University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Stefan Döring

  • Uppsala University

Dr. Anneli Eriksson

  • Karolinska institutet

Prof. Debarati Guha-Sapir

  • Johns Hopkins University, CRED

Dr. Jonathan Hall

  • Uppsala University

Prof. Hannes Mueller

  • Barcelona School of Economics

Prof. Staffan I. Lindberg

  • University of Gothenburg

Dr. Christopher Rauh

  • University of Cambridge

Prof. Johan von Schreeb

  • Karolinska institutet

Prof. Ashok Swain

  • Uppsala University

Associate Prof. Nina von Uexkull

  • Uppsala University

Dr. Paola Vesco

  • Uppsala University

Dr. Magnus Öberg

  • Uppsala University

Contributors and previous staff

Previous staff members, as well as past and current contributors to VIEWS and its constituent projects, in alphabetical order. 

Forogh Akbari

Matthias Basedau

Caroline M. Brandt

Halvard Buhaug

Thomas Chadefaux

Hanne Fjelde

Hannah Frank

Espen Geelmuyden Rød

Tim Gåsste

Lisa Hultman

Remco Jansen

Peder Landsverk

Nils Metternich

Naima Mouhleb

Desirée Nilsson

Håvard Nygård

Kristina Petrova

Gerald Schneider

Jonas Vestby

Micaela Wannefors